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Bigfoot Yancey is an Indianapolis-based band that has developed a sound that draws upon inspiration from various genres but always rooted in Americana and the blue collar sound that has defined many parts of this country for decades. In an era where more and more musicians are relying upon technology, Bigfoot Yancey strives to keep their music as raw and stripped down as possible. This allows the listener to fully engage with the music in a very real sense. Their live performances echo this raw, down home feel with energetic and lively performances that acclimate themselves very easily in a wide variety of settings. The band has developed a solid following in the Indianapolis area by identifying themselves as the blue collar boys next door that just so happen to play a mean guitar, banjo, harmonica, and even a saw.

Loran, Jerin, Mike, Kevin & Kevin


Bigfoot Yancey is a four, sometimes 5 piece modern Americana/folk band drawing influence from genres as far reaching as bluegrass and modern rock. They are an energetic modern down home band that hearkens back to a sound of yesteryear mixed with a modern and fresh sound. For the recent release "Hills", the boys have added a drummer (Kevin Hood) to bring a slightly different feel to the table.

Moving forward and looking back


Bigfoot Yancey has performed throughout Indiana at an array of venues and festivals. They have been a featured act for three years at the Virginia Avenue Music Fest. They have also played the Inaugural Holler On the Hill Festival, Fountain Square Music Festival & John Hartford Memorial Fest. They've had the opportunity to acts such as Greensky Bluegrass, Joe Pug, Charlie Parr, Chicago Farmer, The Lil Smokies, and many others.


Ain't such thang as too much whiskey

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Bigfoot Yancey

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States